Faye, a curious young dog, was rescued by firefighters after she found herself lodged inside the wall of her Orange County, California, home in her most recent misadventure.

Two-year-old Faye became stuck in the wall after wriggling through an outside plumbing access door, local news reported. After her guardians spent two hours trying to free her from the tight space, they contacted the fire department for help.

When rescuers from the Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) arrived, they could hear her moving around inside the wall. They used a thermal imaging camera to find her precise location. After discovering that she was in a wall above a bathtub, the firefighters began to carefully break the wall, releasing the dog from the narrow space.

In a video posted by OCFA, Faye is seen cautiously poking her head out of the hole as the firefighters tap the wall with sledgehammers — creating a space for her to get through. Faye soon stretches her front paws through the hole and peers out as the firefighters whistle and call out to her. After they step away, she slowly squeezes out of the opening to safety.

Faye’s playful and curious nature has led her into tight spaces before. Her family says the agile dog crawled into a different utility door six months ago.

Dat Nguyen, one of Faye’s guardians, expressed deep gratitude to the firefighters for bringing the family’s beloved and adventurous dog to safety.

Lady Freethinker applauds the firefighters’ patient and diligent work in locating Faye and safely getting her out of the wall. For another animal rescue story, read about the dog and cat who were rescued from a sinkhole in Texas.