Riley, a seven-year-old Pointer dog, and her feline neighbor safely escaped a sudden sinkhole in their neighborhood in The Woodlands, Texas, after the area experienced days of heavy rain and flooding.

What started as a game of chase led both animals to become stuck inside the large hole that formed between houses and a flood control channel, as reported by local news.

The Woodlands Fire Department reported to the scene, where the crew carefully removed dirt around the caved-in sink hole to create a path for the animals to exit, a social media post from the fire department stated. Riley appeared unwilling to leave the sinkhole while her cat friend remained underground, however.

Nearby Montgomery County Animal Control was then called in to assist in capturing the strong-willed dog’s attention, but Riley still refused to leave the hole where her furry friend was.

Riley’s guardian also attempted to coax the dog out, after asking the firefighters for space in case Riley was overwhelmed by the number of strangers surrounding the scene.

Hours later, Riley and her cat friend appeared to feel comfortable enough to crawl out of the sinkhole together. The animals emerged safe and sound — with no reported physical injuries.

The community’s water department is working on a mitigation plan for the sinkhole in order to prevent future accidents like this from taking place.

Lady Freethinker applauds the rescue efforts of The Woodlands Fire Department, Montgomery County Animal Control, and Riley’s guardian for showing patience and perseverance in rescuing both beloved animals.