A fiercely protective mama cow and her new baby have joined the farm family at Happy Compromise Farm + Sanctuary (HCF+S) in New York — where they’ll also soon be reunited with the mom’s twins, who were helped by a Lady Freethinker grant.

Titus and Tabitha — twin calves rescued from a dairy whose new shelter was funded by a 2022 LFT Urgent Needs Fund grant — just celebrated their first birthdays at the 53-acre property in Waverly. And what better gift than to be reunited with their mom and a new little sister?

The same individual who helped secure Titus and Tabitha’s rescues got in touch with the sanctuary regarding a pregnant cow, now named Tarragon, who arrived at HCF+S in May. A few days later, she gave birth to a sweet, silly female now named Tulsi.

Mom and daughter are now undergoing a mandatory quarantine period to make sure they didn’t bring any infectious disease with them. Then, they’ll be reunited with Tabitha and Titus, HCF+S said in an update.

“As much as we want to get the twins back in with their mama, Tarragon is super protective of her new baby, and we just want everyone to be safe first,” HCF+S said. “They do hang out and nap across the road from each other, though, which is sweet.”

Tulsi, who just turned one month old, is busy discovering the simple pleasures of life. One video captures her investigating a bag of pine shavings — playfully butting the bag with her head before falling over and then joyfully galloping away. 

Meanwhile, Tabitha and Titus are doing great — as inseparable now as they were when they first arrived at HCF+S.

The four precious lives, without rescue, would have been starkly different.

“Tarragon and Tulsi would have faced yearly forced pregnancies in order to produce milk, with their babies being taken away from them every time,” HCF+S said. “Titus and Tabitha would have been slaughter-bound at just months old as boys and infertile girls aren’t profitable.”

The sanctuary hopes this uplifting story will inspire people to re-evaluate some of their purchases and choose compassion.

“These four were given a one-in-a-million chance, and this is so far from the norm,” HCF+S wrote in a Facebook post. “Please keep them in mind when you make food, clothing, and product choices. Their lives are worth so much more than a burger or a bag. Your choices matter.”

HCF+S thanked LFT again for funding the construction of the new shelter.

“We truly can’t imagine cow life without it now, especially with these new additions,” the sanctuary said. 

We are overjoyed for Tarragon, Tulsi, Tabitha, and Titus! We thank HCF+S for the incredible work they are doing for this bovine family and we are honored to have been able to contribute to their health and happiness!