Cop Rescues 10-Week-Old Puppy Trapped in Cardboard Box (VIDEO)

Found on the side of the road on a blistery hot day, this 10-week-old puppy was trapped hopelessly inside a cardboard box that someone had cruelly closed up.

A good Samaritan freed the puppy from her scorching death chamber after spotting the box and checking inside (and kindly giving the parched pup some water). Then they alerted the police.

When animal-loving Deputy Earl Hanners heard the call come in, he told them to cancel animal control — he would rescue the puppy himself.

When he arrived at the scene, the puppy had not moved, and was lying listlessly next to the box.

Hanners took the dog home, and after consulting a vet, gave her the TLC she needed to regain her health. Now named Bridget, the once-abandoned puppy now enjoys frolicking with Hanners’ eight rescued pugs, as well as the other rescue dogs he fosters.

Whoever abandoned Bridget may never be found — but most importantly, she is safe now.

Thank you, Deputy Hanners, for your compassion.

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  1. Juliette

    Thank you for rescuing her and all your other babies! I just cannot begin to understand why someone would be so cruel as to 1) dump an animal in the manner they did 2) and then close the box! Hey a-hole, when you can no longer defend or take care of yourself let’s hope the same thing doesn’t happen to you

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    What a lovely man, more people needed like this in our World. I wish I could give him and all the lucky dogs a big hug!!!

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    • Suzanne Casterlin

      Yes indeed.What a fine human being.We need more people in the world like him.
      I wish they could find the bastard that abandoned the pup.

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  3. Julie Fowles

    I’m really glad this puppy got rescued could of been a different story ,how can anyone dump a puppy like that what is wrong with ppl these days ,this world is getting worse ,but at least Bridget has a happy ending an got her foreva home ,thanx to the policeman well done for saving her

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  4. Cj B

    Wish they could find the lowlife scum who did this and do the same to them, leaving them to die a slow painful death. An eye for an eye. May they get their deserving Karma someday. So happy that adorable pup was rescued and has a loving home where they are hopefully spoiled!

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  5. Helen White

    People who do these cruel things to such defenseless animals need to be shot or put away for life! We will never stop animal abuse if the courts continue to be so lax in punishments.

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  6. Pt

    Awesome job. Very nice to see someone who really cares. Hats off to you Sir. Bless you!

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