Puppy Abandoned for Being “Different” Just Can’t Hide His Joy (Video)

Stevie doesn’t look like other puppies. He has a condition called dysplasia that, according to Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS) of Greece, “makes his one side look like it has been taken off another dog and stitched to his other side.” His head is angled in a permanent tilt, and he has one bad eye and a floppy ear.

But his condition was no excuse to abandon poor Stevie, who was found in a park in Athens, all alone in the freezing cold.

Now safe in the hands of rescuers, Stevie can’t stop the happiness from flowing. Running, bounding and frolicking about, this pup is pure joy.

Thank you, SCARS, for saving Stevie and helping him find the loving home he deserves.

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  1. wayne paine

    That is awesome to read about. I am glad he has a new home. Not everyone in this world is bad. Thank you SCARS for caring. If he didn’t have a home then I would adopt him.

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    • Gabriele Shultz

      I didn’t read that he has a new home,how you know that ?This would be wonderful 🙂

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  2. Raymond LaBrie

    What a touching story…If I lived in the country I would take them all…

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  3. Julie Fowles

    What a fantastic story hrs a gorgeous little thing i think he’s realy cute an I’m glad he’s got a home he deserves it ,don’t know why ppl have to dump them just take them to an animal shelter it’s not rocket science

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  4. Candie Turner

    There is nothing wrong with Stevie, he is unique, precious and wonderful. I have paralysis on one side of my face and I can identify with this pup. Bless his little heart and whoever adopted him is very lucky.

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  5. Silf

    He is one big bundle of happiness..you can only love this little doggie ..

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  6. Barry Tenney

    God Bless little Stevie glad this pretty Baby has a home ! Shame on the person that dumped this Baby ! Every life should be Loved not hurt because there a little different ! Stevie reminds me of a kitty i had years ago that was biten in his head every one told me to let it go i said no its still breathing so i feed him with eye dropper 4 half year one day he woke up and walked like Stevie does in little area but lived long time and was the happyest kitty i ever had stayed same size as a 6 week till someone stole him from me who ever did this give my tiny Kitty Back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From Barry Tenney from Band Nothingpure @ http://n1m.co/nothingpure

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  7. julie bowers

    Such a sad story I hope the person or persons who have done this to a poor defensive puppy, gets a disability and cant do anything I would abandon them. Your such a beautiful little puppy ????, but personally I would not adopt you at all. I will want you in my life for ever so that you get all the love and attention that you really deserve????????????????

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  8. MS

    I love Stevie already — he’s the sweetest — he looks marvelous — as long as he’s happy, healthy and comfy. THANK YOU!

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