A starving dog kept chained in an Arkansas backyard is living a much better life today because caring people noticed and spoke up about his plight.

Armin, a 4-year-old dog rescued by police and the Northeast Arkansas Humane Society last summer, has recuperated following emergency treatment, dedicated efforts to rehome him, and a caring couple who have now adopted him. 

Lee Foster said he and his wife weren’t sure about getting a dog when they stopped by the Humane Society but that as soon as they saw Armin, they knew he was the one. 

Given his tragic history, Armin took some time to trust them and also would bury his food at first. 

But now, he’s a healthy weight and open to receiving people’s love.

“He’s part of the family,” Foster told news. “He sleeps in the bed with us, and he is pretty awesome.”

The Northeast Humane Society said Armin weighed only 36 pounds when they rescued him, was positive for heartworms, and was so dehydrated that veterinary staff couldn’t even administer an IV.

The rescue said in a social media post that Armin could barely stand up and likely wouldn’t have lasted much longer had a caring person and rescue group The Arkansas Pet Savers (TAPS) not brought his story to their attention.

Before his rescue, Armin didn’t have access to food, water, or adequate shelter — with his former owners now facing criminal animal cruelty charges.  But he has all the love he needs now and is “living the good life,” the Northeast Humane Society said.

“This is what we deal with far too often,” the organization said in a Facebook post. “We are very thankful for citizens who speak up, law enforcement who assists us, and for other rescues such as TAPS so that we may know about these situations and help when and if we are able.”

We are overjoyed that Armin now has the peaceful and fulfilling life he deserves! 

Armin’s story shows the impact a person can have when they choose to speak up for suffering animals — especially for dogs left chained and neglected.

If you haven’t already, please take Lady Freethinker’s pledge to never chain your own companion dog and to speak up should you witness any neglected, chained dogs. You can also learn more about our Unchain A Dog campaign here, which has resources for seeking a no-tethering ban in your own community.