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VIDEO: Woman Quits Her Day Job to Foster Kittens Full Time

Fostering kittens is hard work — and nobody knows that better than Chrissy Morris, who dedicated her home to caring for rescued cats from her local shelter. But it’s also a dream job. That’s one reason Chrissy quit her day job to care for these cats in need. And while the adorable felines with their “kitten emergencies” can be a handful, she says that nothing else could make her so happy. Thank you, Chrissy, for saving these kitties and giving them the loving care they so desperately...

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Moby to Donate all Profits from New Album to Animal Rights Groups

Longtime animal rights activist, musician, and vegan celebrity Moby has announced that all profits from his latest album will go to animal rights groups. Everything was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt was released on March 2, 2018 and is Moby’s 15th studio album. The musician says the new album explores who we are as a species, describing the album in an interview with Entertainment Weekly as an exploration of humanity as a paradox of light and dark, and that humans burn through resources although it doesn’t make us any happier. Of course, animal products are a large part of the resources...

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Video: Rescued Elephant With Deformed Foot Will Never Have to Give Tourist Rides Again

Mee Chai never had the chance at the life of a free elephant. But after 37 years of being forced to work in the logging and tourist industries, she was rescued last week by Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT). Mee Chai will live out her life at an elephant sanctuary, free of chains forever. The beginning of life for a working elephant like Mee Chai is literal torture. They are taken as babies and forced to undergo beatings, starvation, chains, and sometimes being burned by fire. This is done to break their spirit and contort the minds and bodies of...

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Heroic Window Cleaner Saves Cat Stuck in Tree When Nobody Else Will Help

When nobody else would help, a caring window cleaner came to the rescue of a cat who had been stuck in a tall tree for 24 hours in Lincoln, Nebraska this week. Local resident Rainee Penfield first discovered the poor, frightened cat at 11am on Tuesday morning, when she heard a desperate meowing coming from her yard. The cat was sitting about 30 feet up in a tree, and seemed unable to come down on his own. Penfield and her neighbours attempted to encourage the cat to climb down by using food and toys, but the descent was too...

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Hero Cop Saves Puppy from Choking to Death

Police officers in Massachusetts saved the life of a nine-week-old puppy this week after the dog’s distressed owner rushed him into the police station. The Saint Bernard was not breathing and unconscious when Officer Jorge Hernandez first checked him over. “My whole hands pretty much wrapped around him, and I started kind of pumping away at his chest,” said Hernandez. “You don’t really train for a dog in the academy, so the only thing I would say going through my mind was, ‘Oh my God, I hope I’m doing this right.’” As the video shows, the young Saint Bernard’s...

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Abandoned Dog Found in Foreclosed House Now Has the Best Life

In late 2011, a frightened, emaciated dog was found abandoned in a foreclosed house after his former owners moved out. But this once-neglected canine now has a fabulous life thanks to the team at Every Dog Counts Rescue (EDCR) in Indianapolis. The dog, later named Rudi, was severely malnourished, covered in fleas, and suffering from severe mange. “Rudi was extremely timid, scared and underweight when he arrived at the shelter,” said Jennifer Eads, a volunteer at EDCR. “He was covered in fleas and had the rear half of his fur missing due to mange. We really weren’t sure what his...

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UK Pledges to Ban All Wild Animals in the Circus by 2020

The UK government has finally committed to banning the use of wild animals in travelling circuses after ongoing pressure from the public. Animal welfare organisations have been pushing for action on this issue in the UK for decades, with little success until now. This month, The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFA) have confirmed that a ban will be effective by 19 January 2020. This fantastic news comes following a formal review of the Welfare of Wild Animals in Travelling Circuses (England) Regulations 2012, which expires in 2020 and will not be renewed. “The government does not...

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2 Lions Rescued from War-Torn Iraq and Syria Zoos Arrive at the Sanctuary

Two lions saved from zoos in the war-ravaged regions of Syria and Iraq have finally reached their new home at LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary and Lodge in Africa, with the help of Four Paws. The 33-hour journey from the Middle East went smoothly, with the lions now settling straight into their expansive new home. “We were a bit concerned – how will they react, how will they respond?” Said Fiona Miles, director of Four Paws South Africa. “As soon as the crate was opened, they ran out and sniffed the air… and the other lions roared,” she said, “It was really wonderful...

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