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Tiny Puppy Hailed ‘Hero’ After Scaring Away Burglar

Those of us who have been unfortunate enough to return home to an open door or a smashed window understand the fear and upset of a break in. Fortunately for 25-year old Lori Malone, little Abel – a 12 inch tall shichon puppy – was around to save the day! While Lori was upstairs in her home in Dundee, Scotland, an intruder attempted to enter her house. After hearing Abel barking at someone, Lori ran downstairs to find a strange man leaving hastily through her kitchen door and Able standing guard. She said, “he has obviously opened the door...

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How to Help Your Local Animal Shelter During the Holidays

The season of giving is upon us, and that applies to more than just presents. If you’re an animal lover, this is the perfect time to pitch in at your local animal shelter. With so many ways to help, it may be hard to decide upon the best option for helping pets in need. Keep reading to find out about seven super helpful ways to give back to the local critters and furry friends who need your kindness this holiday season. 7. Join the Cleanup Crew Let’s start with the least glamorous but most useful task: helping to clean...

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Revelry and Revelation at Circle V Music and Food Fest

Let there be no doubt: vegans know how to party. And party they did at the 2nd annual Circle V, held Saturday at the Regent Theater in Los Angeles. Musicians Moby and Tony Kanal teamed up with Spaceland Presents and Mercy for Animals to produce the compassion-minded festival, which melded music and ideology into one joyous event. Any good party starts with great food, of course, and the plant-based vittles here were pure delight. Savory eats from local favorites like (Moby’s own) Little Pine, Mama’s International Tamales, Señoreata, Veganics, Alpha Foods and Pizzanista accompanied the sweetest treats from Madame Shugah, Donut...

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Visually-Impaired Staff Members Ensure Vegan Bakery Flourishes

Carina’s Bakery in Beaverton, Oregon, is gearing up for its grand opening later this month. Unlike most brand-new businesses, this unusual bakery is already up and running successfully, thanks to its founder Carina Comer and her staff members, all of whom are visually impaired. Carina, who is legally blind, has always had a passion for baking. She wanted to open a business that achieved two goals: to showcase the flavors of treats from her Scandinavian heritage, and provided a safe accessible workplace for people with disabilities. Carina and her employees run the bakery with the assistance of adaptive devices,...

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Having a Cat Protects Babies From Getting Asthma, Study Finds

Cats have long been dealt a bad reputation, with superstitions around them dating back to the Middle Ages when black cats were considered to be witches’ familiars, or even witches embodied. We may not believe this exact sentiment anymore, but black cats are still viewed negatively. Often associated with the month of October, and Halloween in particular, it is widely believed that seeing a black cat means bad luck for the witness. Another myth is that cats will suck away a baby’s breath, eventually suffocating them to death. There are two reasons people believe a cat might kill a...

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VIDEO: These Incredible Men Have Rescued Thousands of Cats Stuck in Trees

Cats are terrific at climbing up trees — but getting back down is a whole other story. And if you’ve ever had a kitty trapped in branches high above your head, you know the sinking feeling. If you live in Western Washington, though, you and your wayward feline climber are in luck. The daring team at Canopy Cat Rescue — a nonprofit that charges zero fees for its services — will come fetch your beloved kitty from any height. Thank you, Tom Otto and Saun Sears of Canopy Cat Rescue for saving the cats of Washington!...

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Monkey Trapped Between Two Buildings for 25 Years Finally Living the Life He Deserves

In April of 2016, Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand rescued a monkey in Bangkok who had been trapped in a filthy cage between two buildings for 25 years. The macaque, named Joe, was kept among trash, feces, and rats, and had such severe muscle atrophy that he was barely able to move. “We were surprised that Joe managed to survive for 25 years in such hideous conditions,” Tom Taylor, manager of WWFT, told Lady Freethinker. “He was underweight and his ability to climb was not great, due to his movement being restricted to the small cage he was locked in,...

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Victory! Gucci Is Going Fur Free

Say goodbye to fur in high fashion! Gucci is joining other luxury brands such as Armani and Hugo Boss in their commitment to sustainability and reducing animal cruelty. Starting in 2018, Gucci will stop producing and selling furs. “Today the world is changing quite dramatically. New technologies are really bringing unlimited possibilities in terms of textiles,” Marco Bizzarri, CEO of the Italian luxury brand, said shortly before he made the announcement during an interview at the recent 2017 Kering Talk at the London College of Fashion. “It would be completely a mistake for us not to be at the...

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