Brutus — an emaciated, partially blind dog who was cruelly abandoned — has finally been adopted into his loving forever home, five months after being dumped for the second time. 

When first found five months ago, the eight-year-old dog was a “skeletal figure, wrapping himself in leaves for warmth” as he weathered the Wisconsin winter, according to Minnesota’s Ruff Start Rescue’s Facebook post. He also suffered from large open sores on his legs.

His tight-fitting collar hinted that he was intentionally abandoned in an area well known for animal dumping. 

Sadly, this was not Brutus’ first time being spotted by authorities. He had been abandoned before, landing in a different Minnesota shelter not far from where he was found in November. 

After months of recovery and waiting for a safe home to call forever, Ruff Start Rescue announced the amazing news that Brutus had been adopted by a loving guardian named Tony and shared images of a happier, healthier, playful Brutus. 

Happy playful dog

Brutus enjoys playing with his new guardian (Courtesy of Ruff Start Rescue)

Brutus is adjusting well in his new home with his guardian, who cared for a fully-blind dog prior to Brutus, according to People

“He deserves all of the spoils he receives and I’m committed to making sure the second half of his life is as good as it possibly can be,” Tony told People. 

All animals deserve to live happy lives where they are cared for and loved.

Lady Freethinker encourages community members to foster and adopt animals with special needs and disabilities, like Brutus.  

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