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I'm a Maryland transplant, and I've lived in LA for about a year now. I completed my undergraduate education in May 2015 with a degree in Marketing. While my studies were mostly focused on research and data, writing has always been non-variable to me. Upon graduation and other events, I chose to venture west to take some time to get to know a new city as well as myself a little better. Some things I like: Live music (I'm a huge concert junkie), barre and spinning, and mobbing around LA for some foodie fun. I write because as a woman, I've experienced some traumatizing moments---while these have shaken me to my core, I've worked hard to heal. I want others to heal and to know peace because there have always been moments when I've felt alone, misunderstood, unsafe, confused, and angry. Maybe hearing from me one day could even just help one person, and if that's the case, I will have already done something better.

Once Destined for Slaughter, Rescued Water Buffalo Now Gets to Splash and Play

We don’t know much about Kalu’s background, but his parents likely served as some of India’s many “working animals” — the buffaloes, donkeys, bulls, and other creatures forced into labor for human exploitation. But Kalu was luckier than most. He was rescued, and now gets to splash and play with his friends at Animal Rahat (Relief), a PETA-supported sanctuary. “Kalu was so small that when he was taken to Animal Rahat’s sanctuary in India he was delivered in a bicycle basket,” according to PETA. “He was just 15 to 20 days old and had been deprived of his mother’s milk,...

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America’s Food Waste Could Power 5.5 BILLION Heaters a Year

You knew food waste was an epidemic. But new research from Save on Energy quantifies exactly how valuable those resources are that we’re so casually tossing into the trash. Their “Food Power per Hour” report examines edible waste from a perspective we can all understand: energy use. The findings are stunning.  Currently, food wastage in homes accounts for $144 billion — the highest economic cost of any source, nearly 8x higher than supermarkets. Even more shocking, America wastes about 74 billion pounds of food each year — enough to power 5.5 billion heaters. “When food is wasted, the resources...

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Video – Rescued Racehorse Now Living the Life he Always Deserved

For most of his life, Charlie’s Quest —  now just known as Charlie — was forced to run around racetracks at top speed, despite suffering multiple bone fractures. Fortunately, rescuers from PETA played the perfect matchmaker in finding Charlie a home with recent widow Alyson Mahoney. Before the rescue, Charlie experienced agonizing pain for the majority of his seven-year life. PETA happened upon him during an expose on the racing industry’s practice of medicating injured horses to keep them racing (and keep them bringing in cash). “In the investigative video, an assistant trainer (Scott Blasi, assistant to Hall of Fame...

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Tennessee Woman Leaves $1.2 Million Estate to Homeless Cats and Dogs

Carter County, Tennessee has received what may be one of the greatest acts of generosity it’s ever seen. The late Glenda Taylor DeLawder, who passed November 13 last year, has left her $1.2 million estate for the care of local stray cats and dogs. Known for her sweetness in the community and for her unflagging passion for animals, “[DeLawder] wanted her love and care of [cats and dogs] to be her everlasting gift,” stated Carter County Mayor Leon Humphrey. DeLawder’s phenomenal act of kindness has already sparked change at the Elizabethtown Carter County Shelter, a forward-thinking group interested in...

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Victory! Zoo Sends All of its Captive Elephants to Live in a New Sanctuary

The four lucky elephants of Argentina’s Mendoza Zoo are headed to a new oasis of freedom and safety. After keeping the elephants in grossly subpar conditions, the Mendoza Zoo has signed an official deal with the secretary of environment to send its resident pachyderms to Elephant Sanctuary Brazil, South America’s first elephant sanctuary and a creation of the Global Sanctuary for Elephants (GSE). The elephants include Pocha and her daughter Guillermina — both Asian elephants — an Asian male named Tammy, and an African female named Kenia. “We know that elephants are highly complex emotionally, socially, and psychologically,” said Scott Blais, CEO...

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