Author: Noelle Diaz

About The Author

Noelle Diaz

I'm a Maryland transplant, and I've lived in LA for about a year now. I completed my undergraduate education in May 2015 with a degree in Marketing. While my studies were mostly focused on research and data, writing has always been non-variable to me. Upon graduation and other events, I chose to venture west to take some time to get to know a new city as well as myself a little better. Some things I like: Live music (I'm a huge concert junkie), barre and spinning, and mobbing around LA for some foodie fun. I write because as a woman, I've experienced some traumatizing moments---while these have shaken me to my core, I've worked hard to heal. I want others to heal and to know peace because there have always been moments when I've felt alone, misunderstood, unsafe, confused, and angry. Maybe hearing from me one day could even just help one person, and if that's the case, I will have already done something better.

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