Liberty had little chance of survival after her paws were intentionally cut off by dog meat butchers. But thanks to her brave rescuer and advanced medical technology, the severely abused dog will not only get to live out her life in peace, but she will be able to run and play again with a set of prosthetic legs.

Marc Ching rescues dog from dog meat trade

Image: ABC7

Animal activist Mark China rescued Liberty last spring while working as an undercover meat-buyer in Cambodia. According to Ching —  who is the founder of the nonprofit Animal Hope and Wellness foundation — a wide belief exists across Asia that heightened animal torture improves the taste of the meat.

With this in mind, Liberty’s legs were intentionally hacked off. Fortunately, Ching’s rescue has opened the door to Liberty’s progress towards a happier, healthier life.

Liberty lost her paws to the dog meat trade

Image: ABC7

Liberty’s new prosthetic legs will improve her spinal alignment and finally allow her to move freely.

Derrick Campana, President and CEO of Animal OrthoCare in Sterling, VA, explained that the creation of new prosthetics typically takes up to 2 weeks, with costs running up to $5,000 or more. However, Liberty’s new prosthetic legs took only take a day to manufacture, and a special fund for needy animals has absorbed the brunt of the expenses.

“We’re trying to preserve her health and keep her mobility and keep her quality of life as high as possible through the rest of her years,” stated Campana.

Ching is elated and very much looking forward to Liberty’s bright future with him and his other dogs in California.