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Harmony Spencer

Harmony is passionate about environmental issues and animal rights. She is interested in using her writing and digital media skills for social change. Originally from the East Coast, Harmony drove westward to Los Angeles with her cat riding shotgun, and hasn't looked back. She enjoys being outdoors, traveling and good coffee. Harmony holds a B.A. in Journalism from Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY.

World Pangolin Day Celebrates a Quirky Creature in Danger of Extinction

You may not have heard of these scaly, anteater-like mammals, but they’re the world’s most illegally poached animal. And they’re in danger of becoming extinct. Saturday marked World Pangolin Day—a day created to raise awareness for these little animals, which are native to Asia and Africa. Pangolins are shy, nocturnal mammals that curl up into a ball when threatened. They’re often compared to anteaters because their diet also consists of ants and termites, which they capture with their long tongues. Pangolins’ scale-covered exterior helps to protect these gentle animals from predators in the wild, but not from humans hunters,...

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Make Someone’s Day Brighter With The Random Act Of Kindness Generator

Whether it’s a compliment from a coworker or having your coffee paid for by the person ahead of you in line, small acts of kindness have an amazing ability to lift your mood. This week marks the 17th Annual Random Act of Kindness Week — a week completely dedicated to altruism. The Random Act of Kindness Organization (RAK) started celebrating this week in 2000 as an opportunity to “unite through kindness,” according to a press release. RAK week is observed Feb 12-18 each year. This year, RAK is launching a “Kindness Generator,” which creates kindness “challenges” for individuals, organizations, companies,...

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Help Discover New Species in the Amazon – Right from Your Couch

Want to discover a new species? One ecotourism company has launched a program to turn people into scientific researchers—without leaving their couches. Eight new species were discovered in 2016 by citizen scientists, according to “Wired Amazon,” a project launched by Rainforest Expeditions. The “Aerobotany” program uses drone footage to allow citizen scientists to remotely view aerial images of the rainforest canopy. They then examine the images to classify different types of flora or spot animals. Each image examined earns them travel credit towards a trip to the ecotourism center in the Tambopata National Reserve in Peru. While onsite, visitors...

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Maryland Moves to Ban Dirty “Rolling Coal”

The air may soon get a little fresher in Maryland. On Thursday, a forum testified in support of a bill banning “Rolling Coal,” which is the practice of tampering with the diesel vehicle emission controls to create clouds of black smoke. The Diesel Technology Forum testified before the Maryland General Assembly House Environment and Transportation Committee in support of House Bill 11, which would prohibit the toxic practice. “(Rolling coal) is not representative of the manner in which diesel engines were designed to operate,” said Ezra Finkin, Director of Policy of The Diesel Technology Forum in his testimony. Finkin...

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Women’s March on Washington going Global the Day After Trump Inauguration

Women are taking a stand on Jan 21. And people of all genders and backgrounds will be marching with them in solidarity around the world. Along with the main Women’s March on Washington, nearly 300 “sister marches” are set to take place the day after President Elect Donald Trump is scheduled to be sworn into office. According to a press release, more than 1 million people could come out to march globally. “This is not an anti-Trump protest,” said sister march spokeswoman Tina Cassidy in an interview with Lady Freethinker. “While the rhetoric of the campaign season deeply troubled...

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