Volvo to Stop Making Gas-Only Cars By 2019

Last week, Volvo announced their intention to phase out cars run solely on gasoline by 2019, years ahead of the projections from other auto companies. By 2021, Volvo will release five completely electric vehicles. By 2025, Volvo further projects to have manufacturing achieve an environmentally neutral impact. This decision was preceded by Europe’s stricter clean air regulations and the recent Volkswagen diesel-duping scandal. There is a global push toward clean energy, so while more aggressive than most, Volvo’s pledge is in line with the current environment. America is Volvo’s top market behind China. Long has the Volvo been a safe, reliable option...

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The Top 4 Dog Hiking Tips That Every Dog Owner Needs to Know

By Scott Moses If you love hiking and are also a dog owner, it is high time that you combine those two passions and take your dog out onto the trail with you. Dogs have a natural inclination towards the wild and even if your dog is a pampered, indoor dog, he or she will likely still relish every moment while out in the open. Hiking with dogs is not only beneficial for your dog, but is also a therapeutic way to deepen the bond of connection that you and your faithful companion have forged. To make sure that...

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Love Cosmetics, Hate Animal Cruelty: Learn How to Read Labels

By Nicole Noel More and more people around the world are starting to appreciate the benefits of cruelty-free cosmetics, which is great news for human health, environment, and animals. Still, every silver lining has a cloud, especially in the business sky, so it’s not a surprise many personal care brands aren’t running true to animal-friendly marketing slogans. These days, endorsements of cruelty-free testing and organic ingredients are often abused by brands looking to scoop up peak profits and attract fresh scores of green-minded buyers – and sometimes, telling true from fraudulent labels can be extremely difficult if you don’t...

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Domestic Violence Should Not be the Victim’s Shameful Secret

Educating Families on Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Most domestic abuse, be it domestic violence between partners or child abuse, is sadly hidden from society, law enforcement and social workers. Both perpetrators and victims become adept at hiding the abuse. However, it is thought that 15% to 25% of women are abused in their childhood or adulthood with domestic violence thought to affect between 9% and 44% of women, depending on how it is defined. Research also shows that 55% of domestic abuse victims are women — so despite stereotypes, domestic violence is all too common for males, as...

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