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Brittany is an author, freethinker, activist, and history buff. She earned her B.A. in English and M.A. in Education from Ashford University. She hopes to return someday to earn her PhD. She strives to make the world a better place through her writing and devotion to the rights of all living things. Feel free to follow her on Twitter and Facebook. Website:

Mother Cat Tries Desperately To ‘Wake Up’ Kittens Stabbed On The Street In China

 A mother cat tried to revive her kittens in the streets of China after they were brutally murdered. This past Monday in Xi’an China, a local woman named Mrs. Yang found two kittens dead in the street. One kitten had been stabbed and the other was decapitated. People were shocked and appalled by the cruelty, and many have already shared their views via social media. Mother cat attempting to revive her kittens The mother was found with the kittens; she attempted to wake them by licking and nudging them. Mrs. Yang gave the kittens a proper burial. The murderer...

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CIA Chief Announces: Since ‘War on Terror’ Started, There Are Far More Terrorists

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) chief has confirmed that the “War on Terror” has not only failed to stop terrorism, but that far more terrorists exist now than before it started. John Brennan, chief of the Central Intelligence Agency, made a statement before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on the “War on Terror” this past Thursday, stating that this war has little to no effect in reducing the number of Islamic terrorists. In his speech, he stated that we can no longer threaten or bomb extremist into stopping terrorist attacks. Brennan stressed that it’s important to recognize that...

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Bear Freed From ‘Torture Vest’ Now Living the Good Life

A brown bear trapped in a “torture vest” for years is now living the full and happy life she deserves.   Caesar, a bear that had been living on a bile farm and caged in a vest used for bile extraction in China, was rescued by Animals Asia, an organization based in Hong Kong that operates bear sanctuaries in China and Vietnam. The vest placed on Caesar was used to drain bile from her gallbladder, which was later used for traditional medicine. Jill Robinson, founder of Animals Asia, states, “I remember only too well her rescue some four years...

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Anti-Vegan Extremism? Attackers Hurl Meat At Vegan Restaurant In Tbilisi, Georgia

Customers dining in a café in Tbilisi, Georgia were attacked by what some are calling “anti-vegan extremists” this past Sunday. At vegan restaurant Kiwi Café, customers were shocked when a dozen men entered the café with sausages wrapped around their necks and slabs of meat in their hands. The group proceeded to eat and throw meat at the customers, which led to a fight between both groups. The confrontation moved from the café out into the street where neighbors joined in. A Facebook user posted to the Facebook page, “A group of people who prepared an anti-vegan provocative action, entered and...

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Record-Breaking Arctic Melt Expected This Summer

The planet is warming up, and scientist are growing increasingly concerned over the rapid climate change — and the lack of action from the government and the public. This summer, arctic ice is expected to melt at a faster rate than ever before as the rising temperatures in Alaska set new records. Staff at the Barrow, Alaska observatory have reported early snowmelt, essentially depriving the arctic of its usual winter. High temperatures are a threat to both animals and humans in the arctic, causing dangerously thin ice and a complete change in how life is lived when so much depends on a...

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