A mother cat tried to revive her kittens in the streets of China after they were brutally murdered.

This past Monday in Xi’an China, a local woman named Mrs. Yang found two kittens dead in the street. One kitten had been stabbed and the other was decapitated. People were shocked and appalled by the cruelty, and many have already shared their views via social media.

Mother cat attempting to revive her kittens


The mother was found with the kittens; she attempted to wake them by licking and nudging them. Mrs. Yang gave the kittens a proper burial. The murderer has not been found. 

               Mrs. Yang burying the kittens


cat-2-e1466467799264There are no animal cruelty laws in China, so even if the criminal was found, no one would be prosecuted, but change is happening. Caring for animals and respecting them is no longer a tradition in China and was denounced as western, however, younger generations are changing those views. Jianjun, the founder of the Hunan Bird Protection Camp, an NGO in Southern China states, “I believe the current leadership will issue animal protection legislations soon. The grassroots organizations are pushing for it, and it matters to China’s international image.”

New laws would drastically change the lives of the animals who suffer at the hands of abusers, including those who are keeping animals captive. Progress is being made, but more needs to be done before more animals suffer like these poor kittens who were robbed of a full life.

Mother cat sitting alone