What’s more fun than a sleepover? A doggie and kitty pajama party!

The Humane Society of Huron Valley in Michigan has cleverly and creatively combined cats, canines, food, and films to make children, parents, and shelter animals very happy. One or two Friday evenings each month, children between the ages of five and eleven are invited to a sleepover party with the resident pups and kitties. The children arrive at Pets & Pajamas Movie Night in their jammies to play with the dogs and felines, eat, and watch an animal-themed movie. The shelter staff also provides humane education during the four-hour FunFest.

The cats and dogs are thrilled to cuddle and play with the children — and to be out of their cages. The children have a wonderful time surrounded by and interacting with the bundles of adorableness. Vegetarian pizza and popcorn are served, and children bring their fluffy pillows and cozy sleeping bags to complete the slumber party setting. The event is a big hit and a super fun fundraiser. And while the kids are at the shelter, their parents enjoy an evening to themselves.

Karen Patterson, Director of Humane Education and Volunteers, created the kids’ night out after hearing about another shelter hosting them. She recounts that at the end of the evening the children quietly say goodnight to the animals and distribute bedtime snacks. Many children have been heard whispering, “I hope you will be adopted tomorrow,” and “I love you!”

HSHV also hosts Mew-vie Night, two hours of kitty cuddles and purrs featuring cat-themed films and felines.

But wait, there’s more! The shelter also offers Big Cats Night Out for the grownups. Participants sip wine and drink beer while hanging out with the kitties and watching a movie.

Another interactive activity at the shelter is called Cram with Kitties. Students are allowed to study at the shelter at designated times, and snacks and coffee are served. Stress melts away as they pet the cats during study breaks, or when they’re fortunate enough to have a feline lounging in their lap.

Opening their doors in the evening so people can enjoy the company of the cats and dogs is a win-win for everyone. Many attendees even decide to adopt their movie mates, resulting in a happy ending for all. Bring on the shelter nightlife!