When you are facing foreclosure, the stress, anxiety, and emotional trauma can take a toll on every member of your family.  Even the furry ones.  When your family home is foreclosed upon, and you are forced to leave, your beloved pets will often become the unintended victims, left behind when homeowners have no other options and nowhere to turn.  It’s a well-documented scenario that many families are too overwhelmed to understand the numerous issues dealing with pets and foreclosure until it’s far too late.

Thankfully though, this unfortunate situation is one that can be avoided with the proper education regarding the resources available for families with pets facing foreclosure.  If you, or someone you know, is in this situation read on.  We have a list of resources and alternatives to leaving your beloved family companion behind.  Before you abandon your best friend, check out our list of the top resources for help with your pet during your family’s foreclosure crisis.

Rescue or Adopt

Leaving your beloved pet behind can create a host of emotional and legal issues for your family already in a state of crisis and flux.  Just as you have a plan for how to provide a roof over your own head and those of your spouse or children, so should you have a contingency to deal with your pet, cat or other small animals.

Thankfully, many rescue agencies have plans in place for scenarios where owners are forced to abandon their pets.  Organizations such as the Human Society of the United States (HSUS) provide pet owners with a variety of resources if they decide that rehoming their pet is the best solution for their family.  The HSUS provides helpful tips such as researching new families for your pet and asking for references to ensure your dog or cat gets the best new home possible.  If you haven’t yet found a new potential home, consider helping Fido or Mr. Whiskers look their best with a simple bath and grooming.  Attractive pets will often have better appeal with potential adopters.

As an alternative to private placement, consider rescue organizations that specialize in your particular species or breed.  There are numerous rescues that will assist in finding a loving home for your family pet, often with no questions asked.

Foster Your Pet

If letting your family pet go just seems like it would take too much of a toll on you and your family, you may want to consider a temporary foster or boarding program.  Losing your pet is often the last option you want to consider.  A variety of programs offer temporary housing and boarding solutions for pets whose owners are facing foreclosure.

Alternatively, check with your neighbors, local veterinarian or call your nearby shelter to ask if they have programs in place.  Some shelters will often allow you to board your pet if you are facing financial or housing difficulty, often for a reduced rate or in exchange for hours volunteered to the organization.

Raise Some Funds

If you’ve investigated the options for keeping your family’s beloved pet but find you are still short on funds, consider one of the many institutions that provide loans — and even grants — for exactly this scenario.  Additionally, the advent of modern technology has led to the growth in crowdfunding websites.  Through these platforms you may be able to communicate your story with family and friend and their broad array of connections with the goal of gathering funds from a wide variety of people.  Crowdfunding can help spread the burden over a larger group and can often be a great alternative for those facing financial hurdles to keeping their family together, pets and all.

There’s Always Hope

While the prospect of a foreclosure and its implications on your family and pets may seem like a daunting and insurmountable hurdle, there are numerous resources available to you and your family.  Keeping your entire family intact, including your furry members, can reduce stress and provide normalcy in the face of chaos.  Whether you choose to adopt, temporarily foster and board or attempt to raise funds, know that you are not alone and that there are organizations, websites and articles available to help guide you and your pets through these troubled times.


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