Homeless animals are just as adorable and sweet as the ones sold by breeders — and when you take a shelter pet home, you take a stand against animal cruelty. Here are eleven reasons to adopt your next dog or cat:

  1. SAVE TWO LIVES: Often, when you adopt a pet from a shelter you save that animal’s life and the life of another animal — because now the shelter has an empty cage to house them in. Did you know that approximately 2.4 million healthy, adoptable cats and dogs are euthanized because there’s nowhere to put them? That’s about one every thirteen seconds.
  2. MILLS: When you buy a pet online or at a pet store, you’re supporting the puppy/kitten mill industry. These mills are hellish places where animals spend their lives in cramped, disease-ridden cages and kept perpetually pregnant. They never leave their excrement-filled prisons and are not given any attention or medical care.
  3. VARIETY: If you’re interested in a puppy/kitten of a specific breed, you can easily find them to adopt online. Petfinder and local rescue groups are both great resources. The Internet has revolutionized adoptions of companion animals…use it to your (and an animal’s) advantage!
  4. ETERNAL GRATITUDE: Rescued pets are eternally grateful to go home and to be part of your family. You will feel the love.
  5. HOUSEBROKEN: Many adopted dogs are already housebroken. Score!
  6. VACCINATED/SPAYED/MICROCHIPPED: Shelters normally administer vaccinations to their residents, spay or neuter them, and insert a microchip. This means that you won’t have to.
  7. MILLIONS OF ANIMALS IN SHELTERS: Six to eight million animals are waiting for homes in shelters. Each of them deserves a home.
  8. HEROISM IS GRATIFYING: Saving a life is a wonderful experience that will change you for the better.
  9. ADOPTION FEES: Adoption fees are a fraction of what breeders charge. Save money and animals’ lives.
  10. ANIMAL OVERPOPULATION: Patronizing breeders and mills adds to animal overpopulation, because you’re paying them to pump out more puppies and kittens.
  11. SHELTER PETS MAKE GREAT COMPANION ANIMALS: Shelter animals are not damaged. They flourish when you bring them home and are fabulous pets. Give them a chance — you won’t regret it.