A tiny puppy who was found with a zip tie cruelly tightened around her throat is now safe and recovering, thanks to the caring actions of a trucker and a state trooper who noticed her plight.

A truck driver who found the tiny puppy next to an exit ramp off a highway in Benson, Arizona, rushed to her aid — removing the zip tie, providing water, and keeping the puppy safe and warm until a trooper with the Arizona Department of Public Safety arrived.

Trooper Illiana Magallanes then secured a spot for the puppy at the Benson Animal Shelter and transferred her there.

Although the puppy came in with a swollen neck and bloodshot eyes, she remained friendly and happy despite her ordeal and is recovering well in a foster home, the Arizona Department of Public Safety said in an update post.

rescued pup

Rescued Pup (Arizona Department of Public Safety/Facebook)

“After a check up and treatment for a few medical issues, Benson Animal Shelter says the puppy is doing remarkably well and is in a foster home pending adoption,” the department said.

Unfortunately, there’s no investigation as to who dumped the puppy, and dumped animals on the freeways is a problem, a spokesperson for the Arizona Department of Public Safety told Lady Freethinker.

“In a rapidly growing area like the Phoenix metroplex, our troopers come across lost animals on the freeway quite often,” the spokesperson said. “We don’t know where the puppy came from as there is no license information. We have no active investigation ongoing. “
But in better news, the puppy — who has now been named Brandy — is doing amazing, according to her foster with Benson Animal Shelter.

“She has an adopter lined up and most likely will be going to her new home soon,” the foster told Lady Freethinker. “She has made a full recovery from her ordeal and it doesn’t seem to have affected her personality at all.”


Brandy (Courtesy of Benson Animal Shelter)

We’re so grateful that this caring trucker took the time to notice and respond to this sweet pup’s distress! This story is a heartwarming reminder that it just takes a few caring people to make a true difference in the lives of animals who might need our assistance.

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