Living up to his new name, Chance the German shepherd received a second shot at life after a brutal beating almost killed him. It was the officer who rescued and later adopted him who gave him that chance.

York City Police Officer Matthew Tamanosky was one of the first officers to arrive at the scene after a call about an abused and abandoned dog in Susquehanna Valley, Pennsylvania. The 4- or 5- month-old puppy had several fractures, was extremely malnourished, and was barely hanging on.

Acting with decisive bravery, the officers transported Chance to Mason-Dixon Animal Emergency Hospital in time to save his life. It took over a month for Chance to recover from the brutal beating. The resilient pup was then transferred to the York County SPCA, according to WGAL news.

There were hundreds of applications for Chance, according to Dogtime. But when Chance was strong enough to be adopted, Tamanosky stood up for the puppy once again.

“[Tamanosky] was the one that got Chance out of that situation,” said Steven Martinez, the SPCA’s executive director. “He was the first one on the scene, so clearly Chance should be going home with him.”

Chance now lives with Tamanosky and his fiancé Sabrina Knotts, who were honored to be chosen to adopt him.

Tamanosky and Chance

Tamanosky and Chance (York City Police Department/Facebook)

“I’ve always had a love for animals,” Tamanosky told WGAL. “I just want to give him a good home and the nice, easy-going life that he deserved from the start.”

It’s our hope that Chance heals with his new loving family after the traumatic first months of his life.

Chance’s story acts as a reminder to us all that there are thousands of animals out there in need of love, ready to be adopted. Please always remember to adopt – not shop – for companion animals. You may just find a Chance of your own at a shelter near you.

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