A new documentary details the cruel world of hunting with galgos, or Spanish greyhounds.

The award winning film “Yo Galgo,” written and directed by Yeray Lopez Portillo, describes how galgos are killed by the thousands each year after the hunting season.

Before adopting a galgo named Bacalao, Portillo wasn’t aware of the horrific lives and tragic fates that most of the dogs face. He was interested to know what would have happened to Bacalao if he hadn’t adopted him.

Portillo quickly learned that these sweet, loyal dogs are treated like objects and are only valued — temporarily — for their speed. He discovered that at the end of the hunting season the animals often are shot, abandoned, hung, or thrown into wells to die.

And authorities just look the other way.

Eager to educate others about the miserable lives of the galgos, Portillo befriended hunting families to gain insight and to help “open up dialogues around the use of hunting dogs and animal welfare.”


Galgos are known to be loyal, kind, and affectionate dogs. They deserve better than a life of neglect and abuse before being violently and needlessly killed. We thank Portillo for creating this important film to shine light on such a heartbreaking issue that needs to change.

You can watch a short trailer, rent, or buy the award winning film here. You also can speak up for these sweet dogs by signing our petition if you haven’t already and urging Spanish officials to protect galgos under the Animal Welfare Act.

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