A quick-thinking cat named Willow proved herself a hero after helping to save the life of her unresponsive, diabetic guardian in Liverpool, England.

Willow’s guardian, Amanda Jameson, told news that she went to bed one night with low blood sugar and became unconscious. After realizing her guardian needed help, Willow approached Jameson’s partner Ray Sherman, who had fallen asleep while watching TV downstairs, and promptly bit him.

The cat uncharacteristically bit Sherman over and over again until he finally woke up. She then paced around him, looking from him to the staircase leading up to Jameson’s room, until he realized something was wrong.

“It was very out of character for her and made me get up to see what all the fuss was about,” Sherman told news. “She was running between me and the stairs, looking back at me. I followed her up the stairs and she kept looking back at me to make sure I was coming.”

Sherman found Jameson unresponsive and immediately called an ambulance. Luckily, Jameson was treated at the hospital and is back home now with her caring companion, who has become even more protective of her.

“Willow is amazing, I just think she’s incredible,” Jameson said. “Since I came home from hospital, she has become very protective of me. I’ve noticed how she puts her nose to my mouth a lot, I think she’s checking I’m breathing.”

Willow’s heroic actions have landed her a spot as a finalist in this year’s National Cat Award in the UK, which celebrate cats’ courageous actions.

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