Up to 200 wild horses — who were at risk of being violently eradicated from Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota — are safe for the immediate future, following a decision from the U.S. National Park Service (NPS) to abandon inhumane management plans.

This good news for horses comes after extensive public commentary opposing a NPS “livestock management” plan that called for the reduction or complete removal of the historic wild horses, according to The Associated Press.

In a process that began in 2022, the NPS shared three proposals for public consideration. They ranged from “no action” — which would still include human interference by way of helicopter roundups to create a smaller herd size — to the forced removal of all 200 wild horses from the grounds, as stated in the NPS environment assessment document.

Lady Freethinker has documented the horrific reality of helicopter roundups for wild horses and continues to petition against the dangerous and inhumane use of helicopters to corral these animals. This brutal practice often results in severe injuries and tragic death for the animals. That’s no way to honor the iconic wild animals who have roamed the North Dakota badlands since long before the park was established.

Now, thanks to an outpouring of advocacy from individuals and animal protection organizations like Lady Freethinker, these wild horses will remain wild — with their families, their freedom, and the safety they deserve. Thank you to everyone who signed our petition urging the NPS to allow the wild horse families who roam Theodore Roosevelt National Park to remain wild in their historic home.

Lady Freethinker welcomes the news that the NPS has abandoned immediate plans to remove the wild horses and will continue to advocate for wild horses to remain in their natural habitat. We will keep monitoring this case and the treatment of other wild horses throughout U.S.

If you haven’t already, please sign our petition calling for an end to cruel helicopter roundups of wild horses in the U.S. for good.