This White Tiger Cub Was Near Death, But Will Now Live the Good Life at A Sanctuary

This White Tiger Cub Was Near Death, But Will Now Live the Good Life at A Sanctuary

An orphaned, 5-month-old white tiger cub was near death by the time she was seized from an illegal owner in Louisiana. But thanks to Lions Tigers & Bears Big Cat and Exotic Animal Rescue in Alpine, California, this formerly abused cub has a new chance at life.

When the cub was first rescued, she was in dire shape. She would not eat, and was plagued with ringworm. Veterinarians had to administer immediate treatment.

“They didn’t know if she was going to live,” said Lions Tigers & Bears Founder and Director Bobbi Brink. “A couple of times they almost lost her.”

Compounding the effects of malnourishment and physical abuse by her captors, the cub was destined to be prone to illness simply due to careless breeding.

“White tigers already have a lot of issues in captivity because they’re not really a rare breed, they’re inbred to be white, so it causes a lot of health problems,” said Brink.

They may be cross-eyed, or have bone problems, she explained.

Thankfully, the cub pulled through. And while she will still require ongoing veterinary treatment, she is now in caring hands.

“She’ll get to live out her life now,” said Brink.

The sanctuary is now raising funds to build a new habitat for the cub (who has not yet been named). She will eventually rotate this habitat with the other tigers, as a form of enrichment. The sanctuary rotates habitats up to twice a week to ensure the tigers don’t get bored with their surroundings.

Sadly, many tigers and exotic animals are still suffering in abusive environments that fail to meet even their basic needs.  But we can all help stop the cruelty by steering clear of businesses that exploit the animals for their own gains.

“Please don’t do the photo ops,” implored Brink. “There isn’t one legitimate place in the country left doing the photo ops. And a lot of these breeders breed for nothing more than profit; as long as people pay, they’re going to continue to breed.”


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  1. Bev

    SUCH A SWEET ENDING FOR THIS LITTLE GUY! I hope the abusive illegal owners were prosecuted, otherwise they’ll just do it again … and again …. and again!

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    • She and She

      I agree completely make them pay for the care and a major fine with jail time not just a few weeks.

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  2. Moira Monaghan

    God bless the wee soul and a massive thanks to all who saved him and are caring for him

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  3. mari smet (@greentimes999)

    THANK YOU FOR RESCUING THIS SWEETIE — THANK GOD YOU GOT HIM JUST IN TIME — thank you for your great work — he’s beautiful! — wishing you much success! — PLEASE, let’s find the criminals who EXPLOIT & abuse these magnificent animals and SHUT THEM DOWN PERMANENTLY! — Laws and their enforcement MUST be applied.

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  4. Amy Pruitt

    Thank you so much to the people who rescued her!! So happy she’s made it this far, she’s a beautiful little girl! ❤ I think Angel would be a great name!

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  5. Juliette Smith

    I wish the same for her abusers

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  6. Leanne

    The people who bred her should be sent to prison. The people who owned her (assuming they are different people) should be forced to live in the same conditions they forced her to live in. Thank you to those people who rescued her and took her to their sanctuary. Thank you to the vets who saved her life. ????????

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    • Tisa

      My thoughts exactly Leanne. I cannot believe the stupid people that possess these beautiful animals.

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  7. mongibello

    Happy she was saved but don’t think much of her cage.

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  8. natasha salgado

    Hardly looks like this poor cat was saved at all. Terrible metal barren cage. Not impressed. Looks like hell to me.

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  9. eve botelho

    Where is she going? This cage is not a great looking bedroom. What a beautiful, beautiful animal. Please let us know where she is?

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  10. eve botelho

    Not sure waht you mean, she will rotate her habitat? This does not sound as though this a great system.

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  11. cindi scholefield

    I don’t particularly like the cage with the metal bars as flooring, even though someone threw her a towel. Please get her out of there quickly.

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  12. Julia Edinger

    Poor tiger is still caged !! This is worse than prison !! Tiger deserves to live in a sanuaury with plenty of room to run an play !! PERIOD !!

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  13. Gayle Shumate

    They have to confine her so they can treat her ringworm which is highly contagious & you wouldn’t want her to spread it to the other animals & contaminate other enclosures. She’s a baby so she can’t just be thrown into an area with adults that don’t know her. They could be very hostile to an intruder. They’re going to get her healthy & make sure they have an appropriate area for her with a friend near in age for companionship. I’m looking forward to updates reporting her progress. Thank You for taking her in & caring for her.

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  14. Colleen Coleman

    Glad she is safe but I will be glad when her new habitat is built – sooner rather than later.

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