Earlier this month, oil rig workers rescued a stranded dog from the water as they worked 136 miles from shore in the Gulf of Thailand.

The workers noticed the dog swimming in the ocean and lured him toward the rig, where he latched onto a pole. Then they lowered a rope to the dog and pulled him to safety.

Once he was dried off, the dog received a warm welcome, and stayed on the rig for the next two nights. He was fed well by the crew, who named him Boonrod — which means “the dog rescued by merit.”

Boonrod was transferred to another vessel and taken to the mainland on April 14.

The workers think Boonrod may have fallen from a boat, but nobody knows how he ended up so far from shore.

One of the workers plans to adopt Boonrod later this month, when he returns to the mainland.

Watch this video to see Boonrod being rescued and welcomed aboard.