This puppy, named Rosalie, struggled from birth to move properly. She was unable to stand, able only to lie on her side or roll onto her back.

Rosalie has CH–cerebral hypoplasia–a condition when a puppy is born with an underdeveloped cerebellum. This part of the brain controls all motor movements.

The pup’s human mom, Sasha, works at the vet clinic where she was born. The two formed an instant bond, and the precious pup has been in Sasha’s care ever since.

Rosalie was determined to gain mobility. She worked hard at strengthening her muscles during water therapy and learning how to crawl and stand. All the while, Sasha cheered her on.

But the turning point came when the determined doggie received her special wheelchair. Now, Rosalie is mobile and there’s no stopping her. She continues making tremendous progress and can now sit on her own.

Sasha’s bond with Rosalie has taught her patience and not to give up when things get tough.