Darrell Bernd, an officer with the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency, has formed an unlikely bond with a goose he rescued in July now named Honk.

The pair met at a lake in Bedford County after Honk became entangled in a fishing line. The officer freed him, and the goose has been grateful ever since.

Honk is very friendly with people, and Bernd believes he used to be someone’s pet. As a wildlife expert, Bernd aims to acclimate Honk to life in the wild, so the goose can one day return to nature.

While the two are inseparable for now and will certainly miss one another when the time comes to go their separate ways, Bernd understands that it’s best for Honk to learn how to live on his own.

Thank you to all the selfless individuals like Officer Bernd, who put defenseless animals’ needs before their own.