The love and devotion these two former circus lions share between one another is evident in this adorable video, which shows Tarzan grooming Tanya as they await their flight to the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa.

Animal Defenders International (ADI) rescued these two majestic creatures from Guatemala, following the country’s ban on animal circuses. Prior to their journey to a new sanctuary, they’re taking it easy at ADI’S Temporary Rescue Center.

During his time trapped in the circus, Tarzan tore his lower lip fighting with a tiger. His rescuers hope to repair his injury once he arrives at his forever home.

The scars on Tanya’s face are likely from protecting Tarzan during the fight.

They’ve remained by each other’s sides through thick and thin and will soon begin a new chapter in their lives filled with freedom, safety, and comfort.

The flight is being funded by the nonprofit organization, along with supplementary funds raised by ADI.