Compassion Over Killing (COK) has just launched  the Beyond The Lies tour – a program aiming to educate people about the suffering of animals bred and slaughtered for food. COK teams will travel to 36 nations throughout California over the summer, visiting festivals and colleges and joining the famous Warped Tour as it travels across the state.

The main feature of the tour is the Beyond The Lies video, which exposes the inhumane treatment and abuse inherent in the meat, dairy, egg and fishing industries.

Narrated by former COK investigator Chrystal Ferber, the short documentary includes appearances by vegan athletes Rich Roll and Steph Davis. It features eye-opening footage from various undercover investigations as well as uplifting stories about rescued farm animals, giving viewers “the chance to see how the unique personalities of these animals shine through when they’re allowed the freedom to live and be themselves.”

In efforts to inspire more people, COK will pay people $1.00 to watch Beyond The Lies, and viewers will have the option to pledge to a vegan lifestyle following the screening.

“Traveling the country, our Beyond The Lies crews will be saving the lives of animals one conversation at a time, talking with thousands from all walks of life about the cruelty of animal agribusiness and offering empowering resources to help them choose kinder, healthier vegan eating,” said Radish XVX, Compassion Over Killing’s Beyond The Lies Program Manager.

This exciting program is an evolution of the 10 Billion Lives Tour that Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) passed on to Compassion Over Killing earlier this year.

The Warped Tour kicked off in Pomona, CA on June 21st, and the California tour began with San Francisco Pride on June 23-24. You can find the full program schedule here.