Factory farm animals are raised in extreme confinement and subjected to mutilation and torture to maximize profits in the meat, dairy, and egg industries. The animals in this video were rescued from factory farms, and finally feel human love in the tender care of sanctuaries.

Well-intended shoppers often look for labels such as “cage-free,” “grass-fed,” and “free range” to try to avoid cruelty. However, even animals raised in so-called “humane” facilities face tremendous suffering. For example, chickens are de-beaked and packed by the thousands into crowded warehouses – technically “cageless,” but still housed in cramped, filthy conditions. Many female animals, like sows and dairy cows, undergo an endless cycle of pregnancies, only to face slaughter once they are “spent.”

Industrial farming isn’t just cruel – raising so many animals in a concentrated area puts an incredible strain on the environment. Areas with factory farms often experience higher-than-average instances of human illness. Antibiotics are used heavily at these farms due to the unsanitary conditions, resulting in drug-resistant bacteria that put public health at risk.

One can tell simply by watching the rescued animals in this heartfelt video that they were in desperate need of love and safety, reminding us of the importance of making responsible, humane food choices.