When Bail the possum was rescued, he was the size of a chapstick and his eyes were still closed.

The newborn was so fragile, his rescuer, Serenity, worried about him throughout the entire several-hour trip to her home. Although she had cared for possums before, it was her first experience with one so young.

Serenity quickly became Bail’s new mother and said that raising him was “like having a newborn baby.” The young possum relied on her for body heat to stay warm and cried out when he needed her. She constantly got up to check on him, and fed him every three hours.

Soon, Bail opened his eyes, doubled in size, grew more hair, and began eating on his own. He also became more independent and curious.

Although possums are typically better off in the wild, because of his gentle disposition, Bail will remain under Serenity’s care.

This heartwarming story reminds us that popular stereotypes of possums as pesky, aggressive, and destructive simply aren’t true. These sweet, loving animals deserve our compassion and respect.