When a sickly pit bull puppy was brought to a veterinarian for medical treatment, his response was “I can save her, but I don’t know who will want her after this.” He couldn’t have been more wrong. After the removal of her infected eye, Raisin found someone who not only wanted but needed her.

Around the same time, a pregnant dog named Daya was rescued from the streets. A check-up brought devastating news – due to complications, Daya’s nine puppies would not survive. Like any mother who loses her babies, Daya became extremely depressed. Desperate for something to care for, she began treating toys and socks as if they were puppies.

Raisin needed a mom just as much as Daya needed to fill the emotional void caused by the loss of her puppies. Halfway There Rescue placed an advertisement for them to be fostered together. The two were introduced and bonded immediately. For the first time, Raisin knew the love of a protective mother. Meanwhile, Daya improved considerably from her depression through the fulfillment of her maternal instincts.

When Daya appeared to have recovered from her depression, she went back to her original foster mom. Raisin has been adopted by her foster parents, who were captivated by her sweet personality. She’s made a new friendship with their other dog, Charlie, who’s become just as protective of her as Daya had been.

Daya and Raisin’s precious time together may have been temporary, but they were exactly what each other needed to move on to happy, healthy lives.