When Maverick had a bad reaction to a vaccine, his legs completely stopped working. The vet thought Maverick would never walk again.

But the adorable pup, who could still wag his tail and smile, was determined to regain the use of his legs. His mom, Leslie Gallagher, was eager to help.

Maverick spent four hours at rehab every day. Although he occasionally became distracted, like all playful puppies do, he worked really hard to strengthen his legs.

Two months after starting rehab, Maverick proudly stood on his own. Despite this milestone, his work was far from over. For the next two months, he continued working tirelessly to walk unassisted. He swam several miles daily and did exercises with the rehabilitation trainers.

Finally, Maverick proved his naysayers wrong and took his first steps without any help. Soon after that, he began running, and he’s been unstoppable ever since!

Maverick’s story of resilience and dedication reminds us that no animal deserves to be given up on, and with hard work and dedication, we can do the impossible.