Three rat sisters are relishing their new, loving home after being rescued from a gruesome laboratory, as you can see in this heartwarming video from PETA.

Peggy, Siri and Sarah excitedly explore their surroundings, run around on cozy bedding and happily scurry over their kind, new guardian.

This beautiful scene is juxtaposed with horrific footage from the Cleveland Clinic laboratory, where rats and mice are kept in cramped, filthy cages and forced to undergo painful and invasive brain experiments.

The video shows multiple rats with raw skin and open wounds, where “cranial windows” had been inserted into their skulls to be filled with steel “head caps.”

Rescued from their grim fate and finally free from a caged existence, these three lucky sisters frolic about, playing with toys, snuggling under blankets and eating fresh fruit and vegetables straight from their caretaker’s hands.

This happy new life lets these playful rats show off their individual personalities: Siri loves wrestling and being tickled; Sarah enjoys nest-building; and the smallest, Peggy, is the adventurous one.