Throughout the world, people attach a negative stereotype to pigeons as pests or nuisances. Pigeons are actually rather harmless, however, and they even possess some fascinating traits, which are discussed in this video.

One surprising characteristic of pigeons is their ability to recognize when someone is nice to them and to remember that person’s face.

In addition to their loyalty to kind people, pigeons are devoted to their significant others — they’re monogamous and mate for life. Pigeons also co-parent and even take turns sitting on their eggs.

Squabs, or baby pigeons, drink milk from their parents — a rare trait for birds. Surprisingly, both parents produce this milk!

These intelligent birds possess an unexplainable sense of direction that enables them to always find their way back home, even over long distances.

Watch this video to learn more about the pigeon’s remarkable memory, affectionate nature and surprising ancestry.