Blossom was rescued from a hoarding situation and placed in a shelter with 150 other dogs.

She was so traumatized, she shook uncontrollably. Rocky Kanaka, who has been fostering dogs for years, expected Blossom to become more comfortable after a few weeks, but those weeks turned into months.

The terrified pup had never truly lived like a dog. She was afraid of grass, sunlight, and eye contact, and spent days at a time hiding, coming out only to go to the bathroom.

Rocky refused to give up on Blossom and was prepared to do whatever it took to rebuild her trust in the world around her. He hand-fed her and built her a little fort as an alternative to hiding under furniture. After six weeks, she drank out of a water bowl for the first time.

After two months, Blossom hopped up on the sofa to cuddle with Rocky, marking a major milestone in her progress. She steadily became less shy with the other rescue dogs. One day, at the age of three, she wagged her tail for the first time.

Now that Blossom has finally overcome her fears, she’s in search of a forever family that will enable her to continue blossoming!