Meet Pusha, a cat who lives in a small park in Bakhchisaray, located in the southern Crimea peninsula. When she encountered four motherless young squirrels, she took them on as her own.

It took some time for Pusha and the squirrels to get used to one another. At first, the squirrels were afraid of Pusha. However, they eventually became comfortable with each other and melded into one happy family.

The squirrels even drink Pusha’s milk as if they are her own kittens. They spend their days playing in the park, and also love climbing on and cuddling with their adoptive mother, who is exceptionally patient with them.

Pusha affectionately grooms the young squirrels and nudges them gently when they’ve misbehaved.

Olga Fadeeva, the keeper of the park, works with her colleagues to ensure that the baby squirrels receive adequate nutrition.

Watch this video to see heartwarming footage of Pusha and her adopted children!