When police officers working routine patrol in Brooklyn Park, MN saw a young man bent over on the side of the road, they pulled over to see if he was okay. The man’s vehicle was parked in the middle of the road with his driver’s side door left open.

As the officers approached the man, they noticed that he seemed to be administering CPR to a squirrel. The good Samaritan explained that he’d swerved to avoid hitting the critter, but it appeared unconscious anyway.

The squirrel began showing signs of coming around as the young man gently continued trying to wake it up. Meanwhile, one of the officers joked about him deserving a life-saving award.

Suddenly, the squirrel dashed off, taking the three men by surprise. As they prepared to go separate ways, the squirrel’s rescuer and the officers exchanged high-fives.

Thanks, kind driver, for caring for this critter in need!