Firefighters in Gloucestershire, England, shut off an entire street’s power on Saturday so they could safely rescue an adventurous cat named Gryffyndor, who was stranded on a live electricity pole.

The 1-year-old feline’s guardian, Verity Edwards-Flaherty, started to worry when she noticed around 8:30 p.m. that Gryffyndor — whom they allowed to roam outside — hadn’t been inside the house to eat her food all day. Then Edwards-Flaherty’s 10-year-old son, Connor, spotted the adventurous cat on top of the pole.

Fire crews who arrived later to the scene estimated the cat had been on top the pole for eight to 10 hours.  After learning about the pole’s high voltage wires, crews called on Western Power Distribution to cut the power supply to around 100 households for about five minutes while they retrieved the stranded cat and reunited her with her family.

“Nobody seemed to mind,” Edwards-Flaherty told BBC. “People have been very kind and we’re very, very grateful.”

The thankful guardian said that Gryffyndor will strictly be an indoor cat from now on.

It’s a good idea to keep your furry feline companions inside. In addition to ensuring that your cats’ curiosity won’t put them in life-threatening danger, by not allowing your pet outdoors unsupervised, you’re  alsoprotecting them from exposure to disease, falling victim to animal cruelty, fights with other animals, and getting struck by vehicles.

Lady Freethinker applauds the firefighters who acted diligently to rescue Gryffyndor as safely and quickly as possible.