Many people believe that it’s harmless to allow their cat to go outdoors alone. However, there are some very important reasons why pet parents should think twice about letting their beloved feline go exploring unaccompanied, as this video from PETA explains.

For one, it’s bad for wildlife populations. Billions of birds and small mammals are killed annually by free-roaming cats, who have also contributed to the extinction of 63 species.

Being outdoors is also risky for cats, who may die if they get trapped somewhere. They may also be exposed to diseases such as toxoplasmosis, rabies, feline AIDS, and feline leukemia.

They’re at risk of being deliberately hurt in violent acts of animal cruelty, or attacked by other animals. Cats can also fall victim to unintentional harm, such as being hit by a car.

Poisons such as antifreeze, rodenticides, and pesticides can be fatal to a cat.

Due to all these combined factors, outdoor cats have a lifespan of just one to five years, compared to the 12-22 years indoor cats usually live. The lesson? Don’t let your precious cat go outside alone.