When Courtney Thompson was in high school, she fell ill with over 15 chronic illnesses, autoimmune disorders, and other conditions, which she continues to suffer from. Because of her sicknesses, Courtney is mostly housebound.

b To stave boredom, Courtney began fostering shelter animals. After six years of fostering, Courtney had cared for hundreds of animals, but hadn’t adopted a single one – until Indigo came along, that is.

At first, Indigo seemed like a perfectly healthy puppy. At a check-up the following week, veterinarians detected a heart murmur. Indigo’s health challenges reminded Courtney of her own. The two both struggle with heart conditions and heat intolerance and need lots of rest.

Courtney felt so connected to Indigo, she decided to adopt her – but the shelter wanted to euthanize her due to her health. Courtney’s persistence changed their minds.

Since adopting Indigo, Courtney has experienced some relief from her typical symptoms, and is even getting full nights of sleep for the first time in years. Indigo has given Courtney a sense of purpose and provides her with a healthy distraction from her illnesses.

Courtney admittedly never understood the meaning of “man’s best friend” before she met Indigo, but their relationship is proof of the beautiful bond that is possible between humans and dogs.