An unlikely friendship has formed between Pepper the bunny and a dog named Lola. The inseparable pair love to spend their days playing together; their favorite game is to run up and down the stairs. They even play hide-and-seek — Pepper “burrows” underneath blankets and Lola tries to find her! Lola and Pepper have been best friends since they were first introduced to one another by their human mom, Courtney Donaker.

Things took a terrifying turn for the comical duo when Lola was diagnosed with syringomyelia, a disease that affects the spinal cord and can be extremely painful. Throughout Lola’s struggle, her best buddy Pepper never left her side. Pepper seemed to know when Lola needed her and gave the dog all the attention and cuddles that she needed. Her constant companionship had such a therapeutic effect, Donaker was able to decrease Lola’s pain medication.

Lola’s condition has improved and she’s once again getting into mischief with her partner in crime — when they’re not too busy snuggling, that is.