Katie, a service dog who found herself stuck in a drainage pipe, is safe thanks to the quick actions of emergency responders and municipal workers.

While out on an afternoon walk with her wheelchair-bound guardian, the 11-year-old dog became distracted by a small animal and chased the creature into a plastic pipe. Someone noticed Katie’s caretaker trying to reach her and called 911.

Working together, police officers, firefighters, animal control officers and park employees dug through the dirt to reach the pipe, cutting into it to create an opening large enough for Katie to fit through.

Thankfully, after a few encouraging words, the adventurous pup was safely extracted. Before heading home, she visited the veterinarian for a bath and to double-check that she didn’t sustain any injuries. The vet gave her a clean bill of health.

The video shows the moment Katie is rescued at the 5:30 mark. Thank you to the good Samaritan, emergency personnel and public service workers, who acted diligently to rescue Katie and prevent her disabled guardian from jeopardizing his own safety.