After spending nearly a week stranded on a ledge along the Charles River in Norfolk County, Mass., a beaver finally escaped what could’ve been a tragedy.

Concerned residents called Wellesley Animal Control when they repeatedly noticed the same distressed animal beneath a footbridge for several days in a row. The agency worked with the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) to retrieve the critter using nets and return him to safety.

“Beavers typically are not very cooperative in rescue situations,” said the Animal Rescue League of Boston, “however, once the beaver was on the surface, ARL’s team was able to coax the beaver into a carrier and then transport him to a wildlife rehabilitation center.”

The animal looked weak and malnourished, which was likely due to being stranded without food for so long, but otherwise, she appeared uninjured.

Thank you to both the ARL and Wellesley Animal Control for their swift and selfless efforts to save this beaver’s life.