Meet Mr. Belvedere, or “Mr. B.” for short – a feral tomcat who was rescued from the streets. According to his rescuer, Lindsay Raturi, Mr. B. was ten years old when he was domesticated – older than most feral cats live.

Several unsuccessful attempts to rescue Mr. B had already been made. Finally, one day, he entered a trap, as if to say he was finally ready for help. He suffered from mange and ear mites and tested positive for FIV.

Vets encouraged Raturi to have Mr. B. euthanized due to his health problems, but she saw a will to live in the senior cat’s eyes. She patiently nursed him back to health and worked with him to start trusting humans.

Mr. B. has found the perfect forever home with a woman named Jenna De Cristofaro, who says she “fell in love with his big tomcat cheeks.”

Because of people who believe in granting second chances to animals whom others have given up on, Mr. B. will enjoy his twilight years in the comfortable and playful environment he deserves.