Sniffles, a senior dog without a nose, was in rough shape when he arrived at Poodle and Pooch Rescue in Florida. In addition to missing his nose, he had an eye infection and was underweight.

Sniffles is from Puerto Rico and lost his nose when he was attacked by other dogs. Thankfully, a rescue group got him the surgery he needed.

Despite his struggles, Sniffles is an affectionate dog who loves people. When he became available for adoption, hundreds of hopeful guardians applied.

A couple named Norman and Sharon were chosen to provide Sniffles with his forever home. Norman described receiving an offer to take Sniffles in as “like winning the dog lottery.”

When the couple met Sniffles, he took to them right away, and the feeling was returned.

Sniffles is learning to enjoy life at his new home with Norman and Sharon, where he loves going out for walks and laying in the sun. Slowly but surely, he’s learning that he’ll never have to live in fear again.