Before he was Grandpa Mason, he was a senior feral tomcat in urgent need of medical help.

Rescuers trapped the injured and terminally ill cat and got him the care he needed. They wanted him to be comfortable as he nears the end of his life and placed him in a foster home.

At first, adjusting to life indoors was difficult for the cat, who was firmly set in his ways. But that all changed when he met a litter of foster kittens, who immediately took to him. His response to them was surprisingly patient and sweet!

Grandpa Mason has tended to every litter of orphaned kittens at his foster home since then. He loves giving them baths, carrying them around, and raising them to be well-mannered cats.

It’s not just the kittens who benefit — since taking on his grandfatherly role, Mason’s health has improved, and he has outlived his initial prognosis.

Cats like Grandpa Mason remind us that stray animals are worth saving – even when they’re elderly and sick.