VIDEO: Rescuers Save Elephant Who Was Attacked with a Spear

When they heard an elephant had been gruesomely injured, Kenya Wildlife Service rushed to the scene.

Before they could help the poor pachyderm, however, they had to sedate the animal. So they shot the elephant with a tranquilizer gun, then got right to work treating the injury, which turned out to be a nasty spear wound inflicted by a human. They then marked the elephant with medical dye in order to track healing progress.

When the sedative wore off, the elephant got up and walked away — and experts expect a full recovery. We urge officials to investigate and file charges against the person responsible for this cruel act of violence.


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  1. Shaun Fletcher

    Nasty humans, if they didn’t keep encroaching on land that belongs to wildlife there wouldn’t be a problem. There will be nowhere for these majestic creatures to live at all the way things are going.

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    • Errol

      This elephant was poison speared for his tusks by none other than the African savage! Anybody who can be this cruel to an animal by poisoning it to die a long slow death isn’t human at all but a savage!

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      • Mary J

        I would disagree about the “African” savages… As an example, do you remember the pictures of Don Trump Jr. and Eric Trump hunting elephants, water buffaloes and other beautiful wildlife from jeeps with high powered rifles (not much hunting involved here) and then posing proudly with theses dead animals – until the pictures became public!!

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        • lisa kuhn

          just what i expected of trump and spawn.

  2. Rachael Markson

    Will there be a petition to find the horrible people who did this..? I hope so. But then again I often wonder what really happens and if they ever truly follow thru. Each day the human race saddens me more and more with their cruelty.

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  3. cindi scholefield

    Why are they not painting all the elephants’ tusks pink or red? That was a wonderful idea because poachers couldn’t use the tusks. They were going to do it with rhinos too.

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  4. Melanie Ambuehl

    Poor sweet baby I hope these tucker get the karma coming to them prayer sweet honey

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    we, the humans are killing the wild life. i read every day about the suffering of the wild and domestic animals and it breaks my heart! These innocent animals never had done anything bad to humans and we torture and kill them. Elephants are very intelligent animals. We need to protect them . I hope the bastards will be find and put in prison for the long, long time for hurting this beautiful Elephant. The law needs to be harder on animal abusers. Jail time with no light or food!

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  6. Marsha Squibb

    Hate the Bastards who do this

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  7. April M

    God Bless the rescuers! Such good news amongst so very much bad news and abuse.

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  8. Paulette Brown

    I am glad to know the elephant will be okay. It’s so awful how humans continue to do these horrific crimes all in chase of the almighty green dollar.

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    this kind of horror should never be tolorated. Elephants are extremely intelligent with feelings and emotions just like humans have. the murderers should be punished. and all of this death for some stupid ivory. how tragic and sad.

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  10. patricia franco

    Elephants are going extinct, who’s the uncaring idiot ?!!!!

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  11. MS

    THROW THE IDIOT-MONSTER-CRIMINALS INTO PRISON — throw away the key — clearly, they’re a danger to elephants and humans alike!

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  12. vicki hood

    Where are the armed drones? Shoot to kill these evil maggots.

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  13. Leanne

    A big thankyou to those rescue worker who worked to fix that poor baby. Shame on that evil bastard who speared that gentle elephant. Somebody should spear them see how they like it.

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