Meet Ploy Tong, a blind elephant who was brought to Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand after being rescued from the trekking industry. Before her rescue, Ploy Tong was forced to carry tourists on her back daily from dawn until dusk.

Upon her arrival to the park, Ploy Tong sent out her low vibrations to make the other elephants aware of her presence. While elephants typically take some time to warm up to one another, Ploy Tong sought friendship right away (most likely due to her blindness).

The family of Faa Mai, another elephant who lives at the park, eagerly greeted Ploy Tong. Faa Mai lingered behind to give Ploy Tong an extra warm welcome after the rest of her family walked away.

Rescuers hope that Ploy Tong will be accepted into Faa Mai’s larger herd and that after a life of abuse and struggle, she’ll finally have a protective and loving family to look out for her.