The cows and bulls in this video went to live at the Animal Rahat sanctuary in India after being rescued from lives of forced labor, pulling carts and heavy loads. They even had to work when they were old, sick, tired or injured.

In the video, the animals are experiencing something for the first time ever: a flautist performing a concert just for them. As they gather around the musician to enjoy his music, one steer even nuzzles the man’s head in appreciation.

In India, it’s not uncommon for “beasts of burden” to be worked to death. Most are eventually killed and skinned for leather.

“Just like humans, all other animals have unique personalities and many are moved by music,” Animal Rahat Chief Operating Officer Dr. Naresh Chandra Upreti stated. “No animal should be worked into the ground.”

Here at Lady Freethinker, we couldn’t agree more!