There’s never a dull moment at the Wild is Life animal sanctuary in Zimbabwe. Run by Roxy and Craig Danckwerts, the rescue rehabilitates a variety of sick, injured, and abandoned animals.

Some of the sanctuary’s animals have become long-term residents. Craig has a soft spot for one such animal – an orphaned wildebeest named Noodle, who arrived at the sanctuary at the age of six months.

None of the rescue’s residents stir up commotion quite like one-year-old Pickles the warthog, who loves getting her tummy scratched and destroying furniture! Pickles arrived as an injured orphan and became part of the family because she had no other warthogs to live with. Roxy is so used to Pickles tearing up the furniture, she no longer gets worked up about the many sofas the family goes through.

Caring for the animals is a lot of work, but it’s also very rewarding. Craig sums up the couple’s philosophy beautifully: if everyone does their small part to help animals, “hopefully lots of little bits will make a big difference.”